Sports Centre de Bongerd

Sports Centre de Bongerd (SCB) is the sports centre for students and employees of Wageningen UR. SCB stands for working out and doing sports in a sensible way, with something for everybody.


  • Power Dumbbell Training

    Power Dumbbell Training

  • Funxtion


  • Hammerstrength Circuit Training

    Hammerstrength Circuit Training

  • Body Sculpt

    Body Sculpt

  • BOSU


  • Indoor biking

    Indoor biking

  • Yoga


  • AbdomiNice


Registration system and app

Friday night a new and better version of the SCB registration system will go live. From tomorrow a special version for smart phones will also be available that you can approach directly at https://scb.wageningenur.nl .

This version will soon be available as an official app for Android and iPhone. The current SCB Coldfusion server will go down tomorrow. From this moment on SCB and SWU Thymos will (temporary) not have the disposal of an e-mail system. Therefore this will be the last e-mail send in this way.

Did you know that

- You can register directly from the Sports list  for lessons and courses?·        

- You also can unsubscribe from the Sports list?·        

- You can find a list of all your subscriptions at My SCB?·        

- You also can unsubscribe at My SCB?·        

- You can reserve a squash court by double click on the chosen playing time?·        

- You also can unsubscribe by double click on your reserved playing time?·        

- You can register at the Sports schedule?·        

- You also can unsubscribe at the Sports schedule?·        

- You can see in the Sports schedule and in Todays’ sports schedule which classes are cancelled. ·        

- You can’t miss these classes because they are signed in red as cancelled? ·        

- You certainly should check if you lesson or course is not cancelled as long as there is no e-mail syste