dr. M (Milena) Holmgren Urba

dr. M (Milena) Holmgren Urba

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My research focuses on the understanding of plant community diversity, structure and dynamics and how these affect ecosystem functioning. I am particularly interested in mechanisms that may explain persistent changes in plant communities and shifts in ecosystem states. I am currently working on the effects of climate variability on ecological transitions in different  types of terrestrial ecosystems. I am also interested in how ecological and social dynamics interact and how ecological scientific work can be disseminated through and used by decision-makers for ecological restoration purposes. My work is profoundly cooperative and combines conceptual models, experiments, remote sensing and field studies. My empirical work covers a wide range of ecosystems including arid, semiarid, temperate and wet tropical ecosystems from North and South America, West and South Africa and North and Mediterranean Europe.


Current PhD students:

  • Rafael Bernardi
  • Bernardo Flores-Monteiro
  • Dorit Gross


  • Resource Ecology
  • Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation
  • Ecological Methods II

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