How to apply

With Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) or MENA funding

Fellowships are available from the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) and MENA for nationals of a limited number of countries. Candidates who wish to apply for such a fellowship should begin the application procedure as soon as possible. The application procedure for both NFP and MENA are the same:

  • Apply for admission directly to our institute. We assess your application and decide whether or not to admit you to the short course. You can apply on our website. First choose the course from the course overview 2014 and  course overview 2015 and than apply for the course of your interest.
  • After admission, you will receive an NFP or MENA admission letter from CDI with instructions on how to apply for an Fellowship. Fellowship applications can only be submitted through the online form that will be provided by CDI. Please note that this form has to be submitted at once. There is no possiblity change or add information to your fellowship application after it has been submitted. Therefore, we advise you to prepare all relevant documents and motivation letters before you start your online NFP or MENA Fellowship application. The online application system is open 9 weeks before the NFP / MENA application deadlines. You apply online yourself, the next NFP deadlines are: 21 October 2014, 24 March 2015 and 21 July 2015.

Prepare your fellowship application

If you are certain that you are eligible for an NFP / MENA fellowship and you have collected all the necessary information and documentation, you can start with your application.

In the application you need to give personal details, for which course you want to register for an  fellowship as well as motivational statements. You also need to upload:

-          a copy of a valid passport

-          a statement from your employer

-          a statement from your government (if applicable for your country)

The application you submit must be complete with all the required documentation according to the required formats. The application must be submitted online through the candidate registration form before the fellowship application deadline. Applications that are not submitted according to the required process  and format will not be accepted.

Apply as early as possible: You are strongly advised to apply as early as possible for admission to our institute to allow us enough time to process all the applications for admission in time.

With other funding than NFP

  • Submit your application to Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation for admission with confirmation of sponsoring.
  • After verification of the sponsor statement, suitable candidates will recieve a letter of acceptance.
  • After receipt of payment, Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation will send you an invitation letter with payment details.

Application forms

Application forms

  • You have to apply online on our website for a course. If this is not possible you can send an email to We will send you an application form. Don't forget to mention the name and year of the course you want to apply for.