Open Access

In order to make the changes and opportunities in scholarly communication work, it is vital that scientific publications and information is available on the Internet; digital, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Wageningen UR stimulates authors to publish according to this Open Access Principle. You can make your publications Open Access available through an Open Access journal or file your publication in the institutional repository Wageningen Yield (WaY).

FAQ on Open Access

File your publication in Wageningen Yield (institutional repository)

The institutional repository of Wageningen UR is called Wageningen Yield (WaY). It contains bibliographical descriptions and if possible a link to the full text of publications of authors employed by Wageningen UR. Wageningen UR supports Open Access by encouraging authors to file their articles in this repository. Take the following steps to make your publication available through Wageningen Yield:

  • Check if the publisher of your article allows you to file the postprint (example) in the repository. You can look at this list of journals or search in the Sherpa Romeo list
  • Before offering the Postprint to WaY, add a cover sheet to the publication. Download the template
  • Send the document to the Library
  • Public access to some publications can be limited by an embargo date submitted with the publication if the policy of the publisher and/or the client in question requires this. The maximum embargo period is 18 months.

Publish your research in an Open Access journal

In the classical publication model dissemination and production costs are billed to the user. In the Open Access model the costs are mainly borne by the authors and producing institutions. Production, review and dissemination are charged when the article is accepted.

ResearchGate and copyright

ReseachGate and copyright

ResearchGate is a social network site for academic researchers to create their own profiles, list their publications and interact with each other. But is it allowed to upload the full text of your articles on ResearchGate? More on ResearchGate and copyright.

Wageningen UR policy on Open Access

The universities in the Netherlands and Wageningen University & Research Centre along them endeavour to make the results of their research activities recorded in publications available to as broad a public as possible. To realise this, the Executive Board has chosen for the Green Road to Open Access (Open Access through filing publications in the institutional repository), in close consultation with the Library, which is largely responsible for carrying out the Open Access policy. Read more about the Open Access policy of Wageningen UR