Sociology of Development and Change Group

Our group combines a critical approach to global development issues and processes with an interest in crisis, governance, livelihood and resources.

About us

In the field

Elisabet Rasch (together with Marc Simon Thomas, Gijs Cremers and Karen van Zaal) supervising Bsc students in Ireland

E. Rasch, M. Simon Thomas, G. Cremers, K. van Zaal supervising Bsc students in Ireland

Our courses

The SDC Group is involved in education that provides students with a theoretical background that enables them to undertake a cutting-edge analysis of a number of development related themes.
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Our research

Research at the SDC Group focuses on the ‘global’ and the ‘local’, as well as on their interactions. We conceptualise development and change as on-going, socially constructed, inherently heterogeneous and negotiated processes.
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