Department of Soil Quality

Our department consists of two chair groups: Soil Biology & Biological Soil Quality and Soil Chemistry & Chemical Soil Quality. Both groups collaborate in research, education and management.

About us

Our research

Our current research deals with chemical compounds and organisms in soil and their characteristics, behavior and interactions. Important themes are:

  • nutrients
  • contaminants
  • soil particles
  • soil organisms
  • chemical speciation
  • biological transformations
  • bioavailability & mobility
  • soil biodiversity
  • organic matter & soil structure

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Our education

The chair groups participate in the following BSc and MSc programs of Wageningen University:

  • BSc Soil, Water, Atmosphere (BBW)
  • BSc Environmental Sciences (BMW)
  • BSc Plant sciences (BPW)
  • MSc Earth a Environment (MEE)
  • MSc Environmental sciences (MES)
  • MSc Climate studies, Biology, Organic agriculture

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