Human and Animal Physiology

Human and Animal Physiology does experimental molecular physiological research in humans, animals and cells to improve metabolic health, energetic capacity and reproductive performance, to prevent age-related decline, and to substantiate efficacy of functional food components.


Research at human and animal physiology centres on mitochondria and mitochondrial functions with a focus on substrate metabolism, energy metabolism, mitochondrial adaptive capacity, redox balance and autophagy. In our research we perform nutritional and physiological interventions in humans, mice and cells. We assess these interventions using physiological methods, functional genomics, immunohistochemistry and a variety of cellular, biochemical and molecular biological analyses.


Vacancy Molecular Nutritional Physiologist

Natasja Costermans one of the winners of the NWO-WIAS PhD graduate programme!!


Researchers at Human and Animal Physiology publish regularly in international, peer reviewed scientific journals.